Sensual Skills Championship


Caressing Stimulation Skills- Hand and oral skills only. No tools allowed.
Penetration Receiving Skills- Bottom player will be penetrated by top judge to evaluate. Caressing stimulation skills can be evaluated spontaneously.
Penetration Giving Skills- Top player should perform penetration anal sex to bottom judge for evaluation. Caressing stimulation skills can be evaluated spontaneously.

Player and Judge Enrollment

Players and judges should enroll online prior to the event. Enrollment onsite may be acceptable depending on situation.
The program(s) to enroll must be stated, whichever as player or as judge.
One gift voucher will be issued to each enrolled player and judge, to redeem during designated time period on event day. NT$200 special rate will be granted.


Score from 0 to 10. Judges should evaluate all players in the specific program. 10 for the best.
The evaluation will be scored separately in each program.
The average score in each program will be taken as final result.


Should one player be scored by all judges, or one judge score all player in designated program, completion status will be entitled. One free admission voucher will be granted to all players and judges in completion status.
Completion status is mandatory as qualification for player to acquire championship prize.

Championship Prize

For each player, one championship prize will be granted for each program scored 8.0 or above in average. The prize includes unlimited one month free admission, with free ANIKI Platinum Club membership.
In addition to unlimited three months free admission, the Triathlon champion whom are scored as champion in all three programs, will also be entitled MVP membership. NT$200 special rate is applicable at all times with free admission on Fridays.

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