March 28, 2019
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Spring Vacation Party Extravaganza

4/4 19:00-21:00 YIN x GYM Party
Fluorescence shines in the dark. Pure white garment recommended.
Mask up for this mad affair! Let your eyes (and hands) guide you as tight bodies and covered faces add to the mystery.

4/5 19:00-21:00 Surprise! COOL X YANG Double Party
COOL Party- Looking for a man to “fill you up”? Take out the guessing game as our top friends wear a fluorescent wristband glowing in the dark. Take your pick!
YANG Party- The power of masculinity thoroughly freed in YANG Party. FREE ADMISSION for MVP (Most Valuable Penis) members by 21:00!

4/6 19:00-21:00 Spring Vacation Special FOAM Party
Spring is cumming! Be ready to get wet and wild in a foam party like no other. Who’s hiding behind those bubbles? find out by diving into this monthly event.

4/7 16:00-18:00 Black & Burst Party
Turn the lights off and let the fun begin! Make your way through our World of Wonders in a pitch black nightmare…or fantasy?