May 16, 2019
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LOUIE WAX Professional Waxing Hair Removal

Insiders’ Tips:
Hairy body is never attractive in humid hot summer!

Here comes LOUIE WAX Professional Waxing Hair Removal service. The professional skin care services not only remove unwanted hair in nostril, on cheeks, around armpit, nipples, anus, and pubic area, but also provide whitening and moisturizing care at the applied area. This is how to make you look good and keep confident when being naked.

We are proud to carry the service voucher sale special offer from LOIUE WAX only at ANIKI front desk:

Single Service Voucher “Buy 3 Get 1 Free”
Equivalent to 25% off discount each.

Super Combo “Buy A Get B Free”
Category A- Brazilian or Facial.
Category B- Nostril, Armpit, Nipples, or Anus.
Great deal for first-timers’ experience.

Believe me, you will love it!