September 29, 2019
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ANIKI WOW News for October

【Daily Deals & Free Offer】

★ Point Collection Rewards and Special Daily Discount by Ocard
Present Ocard app on your device upon check-in and collect one point. Each of your paid visit counts! Award available from only 3 points. (Not applicable to voucher redemption and prepaid members.)Present Ocard app on your device upon check-in daily 18:00-19:30, special rate of NT$300 will be granted.
Download Ocard app and Add ANIKI Now-

★ Time Limited Special Free Admission Offer for ANIKI Platinum Members on Designated Day
18:00-19:30 on Monday for members under 20 yro.
18:00-19:30 on Tuesday for members in age of 20-29.
18:00-19:30 on Wednesday for members in age of 30-39.
18:00-19:30 on Thursday for members in age of 40-49.
18:00-19:30 on Friday for members in age of 50 and above.

【ANIKI Platinum Members’ Exclusive】
Buy 1 Get 1 Free for fully paid (NT$600 on weekdays / NT$800 on weekends) Platinum members. Free admission voucher with no expiration date is redeemable at all times.Early Bird special rate will be granted daily 12:00-18:00, plus 00:00-06:00. Perfect deal for weekend fun! (NT$200 on weekdays / NT$300 on weekends)

★ Youngster Special
ANIKI welcomes newcomers! Guests in age of less than 25 years old pay only NT$200 for single entry at all times. Free membership will also be granted with application. Immediately eligible for more great deals.

★ Calling the Five Red Hot Kinds
ANIKI Platinum Members with military, police, fire department, sports student, or fitness trainer ID, admitted free during weekdays.

★ Exclusive Privilege
NT$200 special rate will be granted for registered VIP (Very Impressive Penis) / MVP (Most Valuable Penis) members at all times. Plus, FREE ADMISSION for YANG Party on Friday by 21:00.

《2019 LGBT Pride Parade Weekend Admission Charge and Regulation Adjustment》

Effective from October 25 (FRI) to October 27 (SUN)
★ The following promotional rates are not applicable-
Annual promotion for non-members.
Under 25 yro. and Early Bird special rates.
Daily free admission offers for Platinum Club members, Five Red Hot Kinds, and MVP members.
Daily Ocard promotional rate.
All gift vouchers.
★ Prepaid vouchers can be used as equivalent of NT$600 on admission charge. One per visit limited.
★ “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” to all fully paid guests.

Effective on October 26 (SAT)
★ NT$200 service charge for in-and-out each time.
★ 12:00-24:00 Special Rate-
Platinum Club Members NT$1000 / Non-Members NT$1200